Whitney Sherman

Whitney Sherman is an award-winning illustrator and educator. She directs the MFA in Illustration Practice at MICA and for 10 years co-directed Dolphin Press and Print at MICA and chaired the undergraduate Illustration Department with an emphasis on interdisciplinary courses and entrepreneurship. Sherman trained as a photographer and has professional experience as an advertising art director, publications designer and VP/Creative Director. Currently she is proprietor of Whitney Sherman Illustration, an independent illustration studio. Her handmade limited edition home goods are sold under the name Pbody Dsign where she creates unique collections inspired by sketchbook ideas, commissioned illustrations and personal interests like history, visual culture, travel and gardening. She is nationally represented by Gerald & Cullen Rapp, Inc., New York.


Sketchology: Private Sketcher

Last October, I visited the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York to see the exhibit entitled Hopper Drawing.

Topics: Color, Handmade, Pattern & Palette, Profiles, Studio Secrets

Sketchology: Orange Is the New Sketch

Several years ago, during my visit to Rome, I realized that recording my experiences there would not be possible with a sketchbook.

Topics: Color, Design Reference, Interactive Design, Pattern & Palette, Professional Development

Playing with Sketches: Back to Basics Materials, shapes, and patterns - FUMAGE (SMOKE DRAWING)

Invented in 1936 by Wolfgang Paalen, the Austrian-Mexican painter and theorist, fumage was a later addition to the collection of Surrealist games that sought to transform automatic writing into forms of drawing and painting.

Topics: Color, Design Reference, Handmade, Layouts, Pattern & Palette, Random

Sketchology: A Site for Sore Eyes

If you're on Twitter, you probably already know that Julia Rothman has revived her site Book by its Cover, aka BBIC.

Topics: Design Reference, Handmade, Professional Development, Studio Secrets

Sketchology: Recycled, Collaborative & Shared

This time of year we all are examining our lives.

Topics: Color, Handmade, Professional Development, Self-Promotion

Sketchology: Found Time, Found Objects

Several years ago, my family decided that having dinner in a local restaurant for Thanksgiving was a proactive move toward collective mental health and real time with family members.

Topics: Color, Handmade, Pattern & Palette, Professional Development

Sketchology: Listful

Each year, reminders of impending holidays happen sooner and sooner.

Topics: Design Reference, Handmade, Random

Sketchology: Sticky Notes Saved My Life

Years ago, while working as the Creative Director at a boutique design firm in Baltimore, I also ran my illustration studio working through the night and on weekends to meet my deadlines.

Topics: Design Reference, Studio Secrets

Sketchology: Yankee Doodle

Historically, doodling has been thought of as a wholly undesirable activity.

Topics: Handmade, Pattern & Palette, Type