Yann Legendre

Yann Legendre was born in France in 1972, where he was raised by a supremely accomplished cook (his mother) and an acclaimed architect (his father). He was exposed, at a very young age, to progressive ideas and a steady parade of some of France's most well-known artists and designers, who came to visit his parents. His grandfather, a book printer and binder, taught him important lessons of craftsmanship: the value of materials, surfaces, fit and finish. Yann's decision to focus on poster design was a direct result of the intersection of these strong influences and inspirations. Travel became an important—and conscious—part of his development as a metaphorical thinker and communicator. Between 2001 and 2004, he traveled extensively throughout the United States, including trips to New York, California, the Arizona desert, and Chicago, where he eventually settled in 2005. Today, Yann works fluidly between Chicago and Paris as he creates posters for museum exhibitions, films, music events, and many other cultural clients. These unique and freshly provocative posters have been part of international exhibitions in cities throughout the world, including Paris, Shanghai, Warsaw, Toyama, La Paz, Istanbul, Mexico City, Hangzhou, Moscow, Lahti, and many others. In 2011, his poster for the film "silver bullets" was awarded the top prize for film posters at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin.


Plat du jour: Windows of the Soul

Bonjour everyone! For my last post of the season, I would like to bring you to the studio of a very interesting team of creators and graphic designers who recently moved to the first floor of a building in a very popular area of Paris.


Plat du Jour: Rene Brantonne, the French Hero From Space

Bonjour Everyone, Finally, after more than 6 months of gray and wet skies, the sun showed up in Paris! Suddenly, all of the city's residents start to wander outdoors.


Plat du jour: Red, Pink & White labels

A few days ago I was in the city Bordeaux (3 hours by train from Paris), one of the outstanding capitals of French wine.

Topics: Branding Identity, Color, Packaging, Pattern & Palette

Plat du Jour: A Mood for Every Month

Bonjour everyone, It's not too late to give you my special calendar for 2013.

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Plat du jour: Looking for the vernacular

Bonjour everyone.


Plat du jour: Rubens vs Ross

Bonjour everyone, I've spent most of my time the last few weeks, at my drawing table, from early morning to late at night, working on a new series of illustrations for an upcoming book that is going to be published early next year.

Topics: Design Reference, Handmade, Professional Development, Studio Secrets

Plat du jour: Monsieur Villemot

Bonjour everyone! Today we are going to talk about legs, hips, eyes, necks with long or short hair, orange butts and feet .

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Plat du jour: Pajot, the fisherman artist...

Bonjour everyone, I have a question for you: What would you have been if you were born and raised in an another place and time? I spent the last ten years outside of my mother country and because of this I often ask myself what I would be doing if I stayed in my country.

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Plat du jour: A Sunday in Paris

Bonjour everyone! The first Plat du Jour I want to share with you is a Sunday in Paris.

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