Tony Seddon

Tony spent twelve years living and working in London, first for a multidisciplinary design consultancy, then as the senior art editor for an illustrated book publisher. In 1999 he realised that the perennial contender for the "greatest city in the world" is a nifty place to visit but you wouldn't want to live there, so he relocated to a 600 year old village on the south coast with terrific broadband connections and a pub with wi-fi. Tony now works as a freelance designer, art director and writer. He has authored and co-authored five books : Images: A Creative Digital Workflow for Graphic Designers; Graphic Design for Non-designers; Art Directing Projects for Print; Typography Referenced; and Thou Shall Not Use Comic Sans: A Designer's Almanac of Does and Don'ts. He lives in East Sussex where his greyhounds are always on-hand to provide feedback when he can't decide between red or blue.


Across the Pond: Olympic Posters - design strikes back!

Last November I wrote a piece for this column entitled "The London 2012 Poster" which was less than complimentary about the fact that the Olympic organizers in their wisdom, had commissioned twelve artists to design official posters for the Games.

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Across the Pond: The most beautiful playing cards - ever!

I was in the middle of researching something completely different for this piece (along the lines of another grumble about bad design decisions at government level) when purely by chance, I happened across this great project.

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Across the Pond: The Enduring Legacy of the Bauhaus

As a graphic design student during the 1980s I still remember one stand-out art history session that radically changed my then naive approach to design and typography.

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Across the Pond: Vive la France!

By way of a (sort of) follow up to my last (sort of) travel related post, I've just come across some travel posters which have been commissioned recently by the French Tourist Board in the UK.

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Across the Pond: Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

The media mash-up surrounding the London 2012 Olympics has created another love it / hate it moment this week following the unveiling of the latest publicity event promoting the Games.

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Across the Pond: The Magnificent Max Huber

We all have our favored design movements or designers from past and present that inspire us, and I'm no exception.

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Across the Pond: Terence Conran: The Way We Live Now

I've shamelessly stolen the title for this post from an exhibition currently running at London's Design Museum.

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Across the Pond: The Decline of the Modern Pantomime Poster

Here in the UK the Pantomime season has once again drawn to a close and I've just finished a three month stint directing a production of Alice in Wonderland for a drama group I'm involved in.

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Across the Pond: The Ups and Downs of Eric Ravilious

I live in an area of England known as the South Downs.

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Across the Pond: HOPE IS KINDLED: The book strikes back

There's no longer any point in trying to deny the fact that eBooks are now outselling printed books, particularly in the areas of fiction, biography, and travel, and that 2011 has been a watershed year.

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Across the Pond: We're on a road to... somewhere?

Here in the UK we refer to our freeways as 'motorways' and they're equally as boring to drive on as those that criss-cross the US.

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Across the Pond: From the Long Wait to the Walk of Shame, British Ad Agencies Hit Their Seasonal High

The season of goodwill is fast approaching, and as expected the usual crop of Christmas advertising has been gradually building up into a crescendo of pseudo French libertines chasing B-list movie stars on motorbikes and louche sailors who take their personal grooming far too seriously.

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Across the Pond: The London 2012 Olympics posters

I think we would all agree that the idea to commission twelve individual posters to mark the London 2012 Olympics, with six for the Olympics and six for the Paralympics, was a good one.

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