Regina Grenier

I am a senior art director for Rockport Publishers and Quarry Books. In addition to art directing book design, layout and production, I am also director of photography and illustration.


From the Crow's Nest: Pearl Jam, let the posters begin!

Can you gig it? My favorite band in all the land has started their European tour, and along with their fabulous music, comes fabulous poster designs.

Topics: Color, Design Reference, Handmade, Pattern & Palette, Professional Development, Random

From the Crow's Nest: Salon des Refuses

Art Editor of the New Yorker, Françoise Mouly, has collected an amazing gallery of covers that never made the cut.

Topics: Color, Layouts, Managing Design, Professional Development, Profiles, Studio Secrets

From the Crow's Nest: Eye Candy

Jonathan Lewis creates fabulous color pieces that cause ah-ha reactions and leaves you with a kid-in-a-candy-store feeling.

Topics: Branding Identity, Color, Packaging, Pattern & Palette, Profiles

From the Crow's Nest: Across the Pantone Universe

If you are one of those creatives who is crazy for Pantone, you must be giddy about how your Universe keeps expanding.

Topics: Branding Identity, Color, Packaging, Product Design

From the Crow's Nest: 2011, It's a Wrap!

It's that time of year to sit back and think about what has happened in the last twelve months.


From the Crow's Nest: What Do You Want in a Book?

David Sipress created this cartoon for The New Yorker recently.

Topics: Packaging, Product Design, Professional Development

From the Crow's Nest: Designing a Message

Current technology provides a constant bombardment of information to people.

Topics: Branding Identity, Random

From the Crow's Nest: Target's Black Tuesday

The Master of cheap-chic made quite a splash last Tuesday when the launch of their latest "luxury for the mass market" endeavor crashed their website.

Topics: Branding Identity, Fashion, Packaging, Product Design

From the Crow's Nest: When the World is Your Canvas

If I had to pick a favorite piece art in my house, it would have to be three pieces.

Topics: Color, Environmental Design, Profiles, Random