Kevin McConkey

Kevin McConkey has been a designer, art director, design director, photographer, author, lecturer and currently serves as Principal and CEO of Grip. Among his many interests, he frequently writes and lectures about building ecosystems of creativity. Grip curated and designed 1000 Package Designs.


The Culture Vulture: Studio of One in the ONE

One of my favorite aspects of speaking at conferences and design organizations is meeting passionate people from all over the country.

Topics: Professional Development, Profiles, Self-Promotion, Studio Secrets

The Culture Vulture: Ho Ho Hum

With a month or so of time away from the end of year holiday madness, I felt it might be appropriate to reflect on various promotions and cards we received at the studio.

Topics: Professional Development, Self-Promotion, Studio Secrets

The Culture Vulture: Party Like You Mean It

We all, from time to time, host events in our workspaces.


The Culture Vulture: Friendly Business

At Grip we have the good fortune of working in Chicago, a market loaded with great agencies both large and small.

Topic: Studio Secrets

The Culture Vulture: Kitchen Confidential

I am regularly asked what it takes to be hired at Grip and although my standard response is "the only skill you need to work here is the ability to learn new skills," the question really begs for a slightly more detailed response.

Topic: Studio Secrets