Kevin Budelmann

Design Change is one of the many projects on which Yang Kim and Kevin Budelmann collaborate. In 1997, they co-founded Peopledesign (then BBK Studio). As executive creative director and president (respectively), they lead a 25-person team to help clients transform their businesses through a proven method of Brand Experience Design. Along the way, they got married and started a family, perhaps their most rewarding collaboration to date.

In 2010, they co-authored Brand Identity Essentials for Rockport Publishers.


Design Change: Keep Calm and Design On

When I first saw the "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster, I was so impressed.

Topics: Branding Identity, Design Reference, Fashion

Design Change: Ill Communication

About 500 years passed between Gutenberg and the time when people who set type for a living came to be known as graphic artists.

Topics: Design Reference, Managing Design, Professional Development

Design Change: Who Wants P-I-Z-Z-A?

Our children are at that age when spelling is becoming a big deal.

Topics: Design Reference, Type

Design Change: Designing from the middle

The common bell curve is a helpful model to visualize a distribution of some metric, highlighting the popular middle compared with extremes.

Topic: Professional Development

Design Change: On Ribbons

Recently I've been thinking about ribbons.

Topics: Layouts, Pattern & Palette, Random

Design Change: In the mood

A few months ago, we—along with 10 million of our closest friends—started using the online public mood board known as Pinterest.

Topics: Design Reference, Interactive Design

Design Change: Joiners

As a general rule, designers are not joiners.

Topic: Professional Development

Design Change: Could I have a video with a side of video?

[youtube:sZ-2-zlU2pQ:youtube] Links mentioned: Our Friday afternoon video project: http://vimeo.

Topics: Professional Development, Random, Studio Secrets

Design Change: Framing Design

We are career-long fans of the Institute of Design.

Topics: Professional Development, Studio Secrets

Design Change: Do These Look Familiar?

How we do what we do as designers has changed rapidly over the past decade.

Topics: Environmental Design, Layouts, Studio Secrets

Design Change: The Era of Regional Branding

A few years ago, we decided to spend a bit more time than we had in the past with local outreach.

Topics: Branding Identity, Managing Design, Studio Secrets

Design Change: An Infographic for All Occasions

I have to confess: I love infographics.

Topics: Layouts, Random, Studio Secrets

Design Change: Premiere Issue

I'm a sucker for premiere issues.

Topic: Branding Identity

Design Change: 'Work for Free or Full Price, Never for Cheap'

The construct of the RFP poses a serious challenge to the professional practice of design.

Topics: Professional Development, Studio Secrets

Design Change: What to make?

Professional design as we know it today was born by humanizing industrialization.

Topics: Design Reference, Product Design

Design Change: The Dream of the 90s

It's been said that design is all about communication.

Topics: Design Reference, Professional Development

Design Change: Blue Collar to White Collar

It was a writer, not a designer, who first pointed out to me one of the most curious things about the design profession.

Topics: Branding Identity, Design Reference, Professional Development

Design Change: Are Apprenticeships Worth It?

My first job out of design school took me to a farm in Zeeland, Michigan.

Topics: Branding Identity, Professional Development