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March 6, 2014

Design Bully: Fearless Change

You want to know what one of the hardest, scariest things to do in life is? It's not bungee jumping, or rock climbing, or swimming with sharks.

Topics: Topics: Managing Design, Professional Development, Self-Promotion

January 13, 2014

Design Bully: The Art of Cookware

I love to cook. I sometimes love it more than actually eating the food I've made.

Topics: Topics: Branding Identity, Color, Product Design

December 9, 2013

Design Bully: Socially Unacceptable Tech Behavior

You know what I really hate? When I'm in line at Starbucks and the person up next is yacking on the phone, while the barista waits for the jerk to order.

Topics: Topics: Interactive Design, Product Design, Random

November 7, 2013

Design Bully: The Modular Phone - Genius or Gimmick?

There's no doubt we are living in the golden age of mobile devices.

Topics: Topics: Branding Identity, Fashion, Interactive Design, Product Design, Random

October 10, 2013

Design Bully: Too Real, Too Fake - Taste, Decency and Reality on Social Media

WARNING: This post contains some graphic images and videos.

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September 12, 2013

Design Bully: Fragments of Our Everyday Human Experience

In the 1987 German classic, Wings of Desire (Der Himmel über Berlin) directed by Wims Wender, Bruno Ganz is an angel named Damien whose existence and purpose on earth is to observe and bear witness to mortal life.

Topics: Topics: Interactive Design, Random, Self-Promotion

August 13, 2013

Design Bully: If a Logo is Redesigned Alone in the Woods

As the old adage goes, if a tree falls in the woods, and no one is there to hear, does it make a sound? The same existential riddle can be applied to a lot of things—if an action or effort goes unnoticed, or doesn't make a difference, then what was the point? In case you haven't heard, Yahoo is changing its logo, chopping down their tree and planting a new one.

Topics: Topics: Branding Identity, Color, Interactive Design

July 15, 2013

Design Bully: Skeuomorphism is Not the Opposite of Flat Design

If you currently use an Apple device, or any computer device for that matter, you've probably heard or read about the term "skeuomorphism" recently.

Topics: Topics: Branding Identity, Design Reference, Interactive Design, Product Design