What Matters

Author: Justin Ahrens

As creatives, we get to tell stories through the medium of design. We help people form opinions and frame the way they experience products, messages, causes, and brands. But sometimes we lose sight of what matters most – the things in our lives that impact the way we see the world for good. What would life look like if we created a little space in our career for perspective? What would our work look like if we saw the world as bigger than we are? What ideas are we sitting on that would lead to change? Let's see (and play) a little differently and make things matter.

Poster of the Week

Author: John Foster

Tune in each Wednesday to see a new artist and poster design featured on RockPaperInk. The author loves to get his hands dirty while making things and he admires others that do the same. John finds the best posters out there and features them, while also getting details about the person and process behind each new work.

Sister Raye

Author: Robynne Raye

Sister Raye is a devout observer of all things design-related, with a special interest in design that is born of the hand rather than of the pixel. Celebrating line, color and form that has seemingly sprung from Nature is her…. oh shit, the Sister doesn't care much for mission statements! This is just a column about all the design stuff she loves.

Fashion Filter

Author: Jay Calderin

How do you write about fashion, without necessarily writing about fashion? Which color is the new black? Who wore what best? What do you need to do in order to look like your favorite celebrity? What constitutes best or worst dressed? Those and many other similar topics will most definitely be off the table. It is not how I think about fashion. Besides, why would anyone want to read those musings from me, when I spend most of my time in graphic tees, western shirts, Levi's jeans and Converse hi-tops? My wardrobe not withstanding, I have devoted my entire professional career and a good part of my personal life to fashion. I know a lot about fashion, but even after all these years I cannot curb my appetite for discovering new ways into and around fashion. That will be the focus of The Fashion Filter. So, bon appétit!


Author: Craig Welsh

Design you may have missed.

Playing With Type

Author: Lara McCormick

Lara McCormick is completely obsessed with type. Seriously. She grew up in Berkeley, California hand-lettering flyers for events. She has her MFA in Design from SVA, and a certificate in typography from Cooper Union. Lara has taught design at the School of Visual Arts and now Chairs the Graphic Design Department at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. Lara's favorite thing is coming up with new and inventive ways to play with, teach, and invent typography.

Her book, Playing With Type, will be avialable for sale in spring 2013 by Rockport Publishers.


Author: Timothy O'Donnell

Designing for the music industry sure ain't what it used to be—the goalposts haven't just moved, they've been smashed into atoms. In these disorienting times, where album artwork veers in scope between tiny jpegs and the sprawling canvas of massive, exhaustive boxsets, designing for music is still an arena unparalleled for creative expression and experimentation. It's a discipline that offers a unique opportunity—few industries we design for are as emotionally charged or tied to our identity as music. Sure, people threatened to switch brands over Tropicana's misguided redesign, but would they really have followed through? I enjoy Vitamin C as much as the next person (perhaps not as much as Peter Arnell), but I have my doubts that people are that emotionally invested in orange juice.

And so, welcome to "Undercover," a new column where we'll explore/drool over/argue about music packaging, as well as taking the occasional detour into unrelated waters.

Friday Feast

Author: Emily J. Potts

Friday Feast will be a smorgasbord of fun tips, recipes, wild destinations, great design and more—all the things designers love!


Author: Jason Tselentis

Nexus explores the relationship we have with technology, by investigating human interaction with electronics such as televisions, cameras, toys, computers, tablets, smartphones, and more. It explores not only the hardware we hold and visual interfaces we experience, but also the systems and software beneath the surface. It chronicles where we've been, where we are, and where we're going.

Design Bully

Author: Tan Le

No more jargon or euphemisms. Let's speak directly, truthfully, and soulfully about design without layers of cushioning or an impenetrable wall of intellectual diatribe. Let's share stories of design and career, and get to the heart of what we love, what we find stupid or infuriating or sad, and what drives us forward as designers and human beings. No more double-speak. There's no need to be a mean bully, but namby-pamby talk just won't do here.

Playing with Color

Author: Richard Mehl

The working title for this column is "there's life beyond black, white and red, but I still love El Lissitzky." If you agree, you'll definitely dig this column. We'll be looking, thinking, and writing about color—taking inspiration from the latest art shows in Chelsea, recent design projects created by students, historical writings of Goethe, Itten and Albers, and (of course) the most beautiful examples of color in graphic design we can find.


Author: Mark Kingsley

Concerning visual culture.

Creatively Curious

Author: Von Glitschka

Life, liberty and the pursuit of clever and inspiring creativity in all it's various forms.


Author: Paul Howalt

We've all seen logos that show obvious signs of being strangled and beaten into creative submission. On the other hand, there are those that grab us firmly by the eyeballs and refuse to let go. This column celebrates some of these irresistible logo designs, their creators and stories surrounding them.


Author: Whitney Sherman

Taking a look at first marks, visual notation, and all things that surround them.

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