April 25, 2013

Sister Raye

Wine, Condoms, Coffee, and Fancy Couture

Author: Robynne Raye

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Campaign by Cornish Student Colin Breit

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Campaign by Cornish Student Colin Breit

Over the course of 15 weeks, 30 Junior level students from Cornish College of the Arts, in Seattle, created packaging for the 7th Annual Design + Packaging Show, held at the end of the semester on campus in downtown Seattle.

I've been teaching this same class for 13 years. This past semester has been one of my favorites. Ever.

The show is a big, open invitation for the local design and business community to check out their work. On display will be 120 packaging projects for a diverse clientele: Nordstrom, Starbucks, and Trojan Condoms being the big three, but projects for Northwest wineries and skateboards will also be on display.

It's been a fun semester and I'm proud of my students' work. If you are in the area, please stop by Cornish on April 29th from 11am - 1:30pm, and meet the next generation of talented young designers.

Above: Will Story created a Fall campaign for Starbucks.

Left: Reva Keller's condom packaging | Right: Michaella DeVetter's says "Oh! Yes"

Helen Hodges created a Starbucks campaign for National Marshmallow Day, complete with an activity book, marshmallow skewers and hot chocolate mini tubes.

WIne Packaging targeting a 21-30 year old demographic. Left: Katelyn Angers | Middle: Renee Legaux | Right: Nina Naeher

Valentine's Day indulgnece campaign for Nordstrom by Jessaka Parmley

Chelsea Hougan created a back to school pencil box and in-store graphics for Nordstrom.

Left: Lisa Brougher's salutes Trojan | Katelyn Angers created "One Night Stand", a dispenser meant to be stuck to the side of a bed or nightstand.

Extra Tall Happiness. Spring camapign by Andie Richardson for Starbucks.

Jessaka Parmley's condom packaging pays homage to Lucky Strike cigarettes and the hit series, Mad Men.

Regan Punsalan strayed away from the stereotypical "rainbow" and created Starbucks packaging for Gay Pride Week.

Sarah Xanthakis created a subdued tropical Spring campaign for Nordstrom

"Earth Day" by Katelyn Angers, includes reusable seed containers, as well as minimal packaging for free Starbucks coffee grounds.

It's a snowy Starbucks Christmas according to Patrick Fesler.

Left: "Nokturnal" targets teenage girls for Trojan, Elise Moreno | Middle: "Petax" condoms also includes a public dispenser design by Carolyn Yang | Right: Chelsea Hougan knows how to "Hold Fast"

Louie Johnson referenced Paula Scher's work for Public Theater and retro Jazz graphics to create a campaign for Black History Month at Starbucks.

Left: Andrew McCoy created "Safeword" for Trojan | Right: "Box" by Rou Beuchat targets women for Trojan.

Left: Elizabeth Toney created a fun Spring palette for Starbucks | Right: "Mother's Day" by Renee Legaux for Nordstrom.

Above: Elise Butters designed a Nordstrom Holiday campaign complete with a wintery window display.

Left: Springtime at Starbucks by Brianna Baylis | Right: National Armed Forces week by Le McNeil.

Left: Lisa Brougher | Middle: Sarah Xanthakis | Right: Haley Luden says "Hallo".

Reva Keller kills it with her Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale design.

Left: Andrew McCoy's seasonal Starbucks Via packages | Right: Loren Feldman's custom lettering for a Nordstrom Holiday campaign.

Loren Feldman appeals to a gamer demographic with retro style. And for those who need condoms.

"Bare Necessities" by Louie Johnson, for the man on the go.

Left: Nicole Chilcott knocks it out of the park. | Right: Helen Hodges asked me to paint one of her bottles. (Is she trying to say something?)

Kurt Russell makes a statement with his wine packaging.

Top Left: "Flip Me Over" by Renee Legaux | Bottom Left: Kurt Russell's "Pocket Protection" | Right: Elise Butters for Dunham Cellars

Regan Punsalan - again!

Nina Naeher used a carpet freshener powder can for her "Ion" prototype.

Haley Luden's Holiday at Nordstrom.

Right: Jessaka Parmley targets the young hip-hop demographic. The bottles are photographed from the backside, where the labels meet up to form a silhouette of a woman. | Left: Tamarak Cellars by Amanda Feldman.

"Personal Shopper" identity deisgn for Nordstrom. Design includes individual shoe and tie/jewelry box prototypes, by Carolyn Yang.

Elise Moreno does the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

"Day of the Dead" Starbucks campaign by Rou Beuchat.

Left: Yvette Agduyeng's Springtime at Nordstrom | Right: Le McNeil's "Lucky" condoms for Trojan.

Amanda Feldman created a Spring campaign for.... guess who?

Skateboard art and design, clockwise: Amanda Feldman, Regan Punsalan, Andie Richardson, Andrew McCoy, Lisa Brougher, Renee Legaux, Haley Luden, Sarah Xanthakis, and Nina Naeher.

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