January 18, 2013

Friday Feast

Alice Pattullo

Author: Emily Potts

"Spirit of the Ship," self-motivated, screenprint

"Spirit of the Ship," self-motivated, screenprint

Alice Pattullo is an illustrator and printmaker based in East London. She graduated with first class honors in illustration from Brighton University in 2010, and has gone on to work with clients including V&A, Faber, Scribe, Roger La Borde, and Coast as well as exhibiting her work in both solo and in group shows.

"Esmerelda," self-motivated, screenprint

INSPIRATION: Research is at the heart of my practice and I regularly draw inspiration from British tradition, folklore and superstition. I have always felt an affinity toward mid-century British design including artists such as Edward Bawden, Enid Marx, and Barbara Jones, and I admire how they worked both as jobbing illustrators and artists simultaneously. I strive to reflect the aesthetic synonymous to this era which I feel I achieve through my color choices and composition.

"Worshipful Company of Glovers," Self-motivated, screenprint; an ongoing series of prints illustrating and championing the work of the 108 London Livery companies.

FAVORITE ASSIGNMENTS: I love to work on projects that have come to me through my print work, as often this means I will be working with a theme or style familiar to me. It is always gratifying to be trusted in what you do and be left to make creative decisions yourself.

Flier for an exhibition at Lion Street Store, Rye.

I am very self motivated so usually have a personal project on the go alongside commissioned work, whichis when I feel happiest. I can be self-indulgent and produce work exactly how and about what I want—it's a bonus if someone then wants to buy it too! Aside from that it is particularly satisfying to see your work on a book cover.

"London Thames Mudlarks," Self motivated, Risograph print

CHALLENGES: I find really short deadlines quite challenging as I like being able to set aside time for research as well as production as this is innate to my process. Working largescale is a challenge, too. I am working on a project currently involving drawings which will be printed life-size, so I have been doing preliminary drawings starting at A1 rather than in my A4 sketchbook, which is my natural comfort zone! I think it is probably good to have a challenge now and again though to stop complacency!

"Merrily, Merrily," Self-motivated, screenprint

NEW STUFF: I've recently finished working on a couple of books, a range of greetings cards, and am currently working on a couple of commissions for a selection of musuems in the UK—none of these have been launched yet, unfortunately, so they are still under wraps!

"Things you get for Free," book cover for Scribe publishing.

To see more of Alice's work, visit her website.