May 23, 2012

Poster Of The Week

Andrew Vastagh

Author: John Foster

Topics: Handmade, Profiles, Studio Secrets, Type

Designer: Andrew Vastagh / BOSS CONSTRUCTION

Client: Mudhoney

Size: 18 x 24 inches

Printing Process: Silkscreen

Number of Inks: Two

The posters that make their way out of the BOSS CONSTRUCTION design oven over the years have always been piping hot, and to make them all the more delicious, designer Andrew Vastagh is as nice as they come, mixing his southern charm with a true appreciation and passion for design at all levels. When I saw that he was taking a bite out of fuzz rock kings Mudhoney, I... well... I decided to drop the cooking metaphor and just tell you that the results are badass.

Seriously badass.

Vastagh has always been a favorite, and I often marvel at his tight printing techniques, while always retaining a rough edge. But, he creates a funny quandary—his work is always good, and he keeps busy, so it makes jumping out of the pack of his own portfolio more difficult than one might think. However, as soon as I saw the rough treatment of this simple composition, and the delightful typography, mixed with the sly illustrations, I was hooked. Visually enthralled, I then picked up on all of the under and overprinting going on, and the incredible use of halftones to shade and shape the letterforms.

To get into the Mudhoney mindset, Vastagh says, "I listened to their Superfuzz Bigmuff album nonstop, while I thought about the band's first trip overseas, and how insane it must have been injecting these sounds into those European ears. I could see the reaction bringing about a few broken bottles into the mix. I heard they like to drink over there," he smiles.

He also got a chance to reference some specific and shared influences. "There is a bit of the work that Jeff Kleinsmith did at Sub Pop designing for the band in there, as well as a more direct feel of the Polish posters of the past that obviously are touchstones for both Jeff and myself." As he made himself busy having "fun getting out the ol' scissors and paper and making a mess on my scanner," Vastagh made a funny error, that goes perfectly with a Mudhoney tour. "At first, I thought this poster was for their show in Paris, hence the color scheme. But once I discovered it was for Belgium, I just said fuck it."

Mudhoney lead singer Mark Arm couldn't have said it better himself.

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