May 14, 2012

Color Consumption

Perfect 10 (Again!)

Authors: Jake Lefebure, Pum Lefebure

Topics: Color, Pattern & Palette

Let's say you're on a deserted island (with Wi-Fi, of course) and you could pick just 10 colors to keep you and your Mac happy. What colors would you choose? It could be a difficult decision but Neenah Paper made it a simple solution with the Perfect 10 – essential colors that mix and match to serve every creative need. The new CLASSIC Tool Kit is not only equipped with ten life-saving colors, it also has real-world samples and solutions for your everyday design needs - just in case you do end up on that remote island someday.

Neenah Paper Color and Texture Toolkit

When you think of color, do you dream? The exterior of the hypnotic black and white Tool Kit is like a message in a designer bottle – it sends a color-starved SOS to "open it up" and see what's in there. Neatly organized is an array of materials that highlight the papers, finishes, and colors that are all common in the new CLASSIC paper line. Handy survival tools include a large color swatch book with a sample of all 10 colors and finishes to dazzle clients, a sheet-cut calculator to help you determine the ideal paper size and avoid waste, and a trusty envelope specifier to find the perfect carrier for your next project.

Quick Mix Fan Swatch

So what can you really do with just 10 colors?But wait, there's more. Packed inside the tool kit is a quick-mix fan swatch that has the Perfect 10 core colors, along with their supporting castaways. Showing some true survival skills, we used the same five paper color combinations and applied them to a portfolio of samples using a multitude of printing and finishing techniques. They range from hotel stationery to a museum brochure -- all were a figment of our imagination, but clearly not a mirage.

The VIP collection of paper bracelets

Jewelry brochure

Additional Collateral

Color & Texture Tool Kit Folio with Directions

Directions? Who needs directions?!Yes – we've included very detailed directions, tips, and diagrams on how to use the kit. But this is no color-coded scavenger hunt. It's natural selection for creatives. Catch one if you can – visit or call your local rep; and hurry.

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