February 8, 2012

Poster Of The Week

Dale Edwin Murray

Author: John Foster

Topics: Handmade, Layouts, Profiles

Designer: Dale Edwin Murray

Client: V&A Museum Of Childhood

Size: 48 x 72 inches

Printing Process: Digital

Number of Inks: 4-color process

Bringing modern whimsy, to a retro-style execution, London's Dale Edwin Murray has often made me smile with both his illustrations, and choice of subject matter (check out his Hip Hop Head prints). Hearing that he had been hired for a campaign for the Museum of Childhood, I instantly saw a match made in heaven.

"The brief for this project was to create a poster for the V&A's Museum of Childhood that would encapsulate the concept and phrase 'playing is learning,'" explains Murray. "The image needed to appeal to children, but be targeted to adults, and the text had to be incorporated into the image. The art director pointed out some pieces from my portfolio that he liked stylistically, so I knew the final image would have a vaguely mid-century feel with texturing and distressing—an era and aesthetic that I am particularly drawn to."

Once the style was cemented, Murray had some work to do, and then even more work. "I went through quite a number of concepts before hitting upon one the one I was happy with," he adds. "The hardest part of the process was getting a good balance between 'playing' and 'learning.' Eventually I got the idea of using the beads on a wire toy to roughly form the shape of a brain. The beads on the wire were also a really useful vehicle for incorporating the text in the image in a non-clunky way and adding some color."

Everyone involved is thrilled with the results (especially me!). The image even found its way on to huge billboards all around London's Bethnal Green over the holidays. If I could conjure up an image to be 10 feet tall and instantly make me smile as I turned the corner to view it (and it had to involve kids), it would be this one.

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