January 12, 2012

Ask Design B*tch

Developing a Business Plan

Author: Terry Lee Stone

Q: Dear Design B*tch my firm is thinking about developing our own products. We've heard that we should create a Business Plan. What is that exactly?


A: A Business Plan is a formal document that outlines a business/product concept, a set of goals, an argument for why/how they are attainable, a rundown on who the people involved are, and a clear approach for reaching the goals. If you are trying to get others to participate, especially as investors, you need a professional presentation like a business plan. You could almost think of it as a brief.

Traditionally, here are the key sections of a business plan:

  • Cover Page: has contact info and a statement that the plan is confidential
  • Table of Contents: allows readers to quickly find information
  • Executive Summary: briefly explains your business prospects and needs
  • Company Description: history of the company and it's future prospects
  • The Product or Service: explains what is unique about what you make/do
  • Market Analysis: creates a picture of the marketplace the business competes in
  • Marketing Plan: shows how you plan to capture your potential market (e.g. promotion, advertising, web strategy, etc.) and includes budgets
  • Management/Ownership: introduces you and tells what's unique and special
  • Financial Statements & Projections: includes your Balance Sheet, Income Statements, Cash Flow Statement, and Financial Forecasts
  • Appendices: Additional Information. For example: resumes of key people, organizational chart, more market info, and other data that backs your claims

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