August 14, 2012

Researching from Scratch

PROJECT: Harmony, a magazine for senior citizens CLIENT: Harmony magazine for DHA Memorial Trust, Mumbai, India INTENDED AUDIENCE: Urban, educated, middle-class; age group of above 55 years CREDITS: Ashwini Deshpande and Sudhir Sharma, both founder-directors and principal designers of Elephant Strategy + Design When designing India's first magazine for senior citizens, Elephant Strategy + Design faced several developmental and aesthetic issues.

Topics: Branding Identity, Color, Layouts, Profiles, Type

August 6, 2012

Sacred Cows

Hawthorne Valley Farm, located in the Hudson Valley of New York State, is a biodynamic agricultural business, and a unique working and educational community.

Topics: Branding Identity, Color, Profiles

August 4, 2012

Knowledge is Power

PROJECT: Type 1 Tools CLIENT: Type 1 Tools INTENDED AUDIENCE: families and caregivers of children with Type 1 diabetes CREDITS: Designers: Lisa Powell + Doug Powell When designers Lisa and Doug Powell learned their daughter suffered from Type 1 "juvenile onset" diabetes, design was the last thing on their minds.

Topics: Branding Identity, Managing Design, Product Design, Profiles

August 3, 2012

Blue, Joni Mitchell

Gary Burden designed so many iconic record covers—for Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and the Doors to the Eagles and Jackson Browne.

Topics: Color, Product Design, Profiles

August 2, 2012


For those living in developed nations, it is easy to forget that a significant percentage of the world population still engages in a daily struggle to access potable water.

Topics: Design Reference, Product Design, Profiles

July 28, 2012

When you retire, deal with the possibilities, not the necessities

Ed Fella describes himself as an "exit-level" designer.

Topics: Handmade, Professional Development, Profiles

July 24, 2012

Crocs Shoes

Reviled as homely and acclaimed as comfortable, Crocs shoes play in what can be called the comfort wear movement — a movement that puts comfort first and foremost, and fashion second, if at all.

Topics: Branding Identity, Fashion, Product Design, Profiles

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