March 31, 2012

Development of Type Families for Magazines

Senac University Center, Santo Amaro Campus, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Authors: Steven Heller, Lita Talarico

Class: Project: Design & Visual Communication

Level: Second Semester

Faculty: Priscila Lena Farias with Delfim Cesário Jr., and José Alves Oliveira

Duration of Project: Eight Weeks

Project Brief

Faculty will choose up to five different real Brazilian magazines (for instance, one sports magazine, one children's magazine, one music magazine, etc). Students will be organized into groups of eight to ten members, with each group assigned one magazine. Teams must analyze the typography adopted by their assigned magazine and propose new type families to be adopted in specific parts or sections (for instance, sections titles, article titles, tables, text, captions). Smaller teams will be formed, according to the group overall proposal. Each student in a team is to be responsible for a style (for instance, roman, italic, or bold) within a type family that is the team's responsibility (for instance, a text typeface). The final project presentation will include the design magazine spreads (following the original magazine grid, text, and images), showing the combined use of all typefaces developed by the group.

Project Goal

Develop typefaces that are not only original, but also technically and aesthetically sound, as well as coherent with the editorial aspects of a given magazine. These typefaces must work well in the context of a type family, and all type families must work well in the context of the magazine spreads.

Project Outcome

Develop digital type families.

Source: Design School Confidental