March 9, 2012

Breaking the Rules in Interactive Media Design

Yildiz Technical University, Department of Communication Design

Authors: Steven Heller, Lita Talarico

Class: Multimedia Design Studio 3

Level: Fourth Year

Faculty: Oguzhan Ozcan and Asim Evren Yantac

Duration of Project: One Semester

Project Brief

In this advance design practice class, the students study how to break the rules in interaction design that they learned in their second-year course "Basics in Interaction Design." We give certain design obstacles to the students, to encourage them to find a new way in their creative look while not ignoring basic usability principles. Each year, we present different design obstacles to monitor student efforts in the course of their design education.

Project Goal

In this project, we forced the students to design an interface for the temporarily disabled (that is, someone who has briefly lost a necessary ability). A disabled user might, for instance, be a restaurant worker who can use only one hand. The goal of this project is to create design solutions that address basic usability principles.

Project Outcome

The students are expected to submit a video sketch to demonstrate their persona, design ideas, and interactive system.

Source: Design School Confidental