November 8, 2012

Jeffrey Everett

el jefe design (

Authors: Steven Heller, Lita Talarico

Topic: Profiles

Purpose: I believe that the T-shirt is the best way to express one's individuality and that if I can convince one person to buy a shirt I have done something right.

Back Story: I originally started my company (under a different name) for my School of Visual Arts thesis. I didn't want to change the entire block, city, or world; I just wanted to reach the individual person.

Development: I had to learn to legally protect myself, to do inventory, and to calculate prices. I had to learn that a design business is not all about the design, but more about the business; a product won't sell itself.

Design: One of the descriptions I frequently receive for my designs is "cute and evil," as exemplified by the Heart Skull shirt as a signature example. I take everyday things and twist them just a bit to make them unique and interesting, such as doing a shirt with a royal looking crest. A lot of companies have done them, but I try to use animals such as dodo birds and asses instead of lions and hawks. I like it when people take a second look at my shirts and grin.

Source: The Design Entrepeneur