May 18, 2012

In Graphics We Trust

Sebastian Onufszak

Author: Maia Francisco

Birthplace: Breslau, Poland

Residence: Düsseldorf, Germany

Connecting cities: Rosenheim, Germany/ New York, USA

Sebastian Onufszak lives and works in Düsseldorf. Born in Poland, in 1978, this visual artist develops graphic projects for printed, interactive, and motion graphics media.

Having graduated with degrees in applied science and graphic design, he has worked since 2002 as an independent creative director and designer for a wide variety of national and international clients. In addition to his commercial work, he is also renowned for his live experimental visuals for musicians such as Funkstörung, Mouse on Mars, and Michael Fakesch, among others.

His explosive, hallucinatory illustrations veer between order and chaos with an aesthetic that combines the seeming psychedelic look of the seventies with a touch of glam. His work has been featured in publications and exhibitions across the globe, amongst which include, In Graphics We Trust in Leipzig, Germany; Freaky People in St. Petersburg, Russia; Studioline, in Paris, France; Club Spotting, in Florence, Italy; and Synth Eastwood, in Berlin, Germany.

He is currently creative director for the German cinema and animation studio Parasol Island. He is also a founding member of the artistic collective Propagandasburo along with Timo Bose and a group of collaborators, designers, and musicians such as Markus Hofko (The Rainbowmonkey) who adds music to the majority of their projects.

Source: Atlas of Graphic Designers