April 13, 2012

99% Perspiration

Inspiration in Brand Design

Authors: Kevin Budelmann, Yang Kim, Curt Wozniak

An inspiring business plan that addresses a commonly understood human need provides the best of inspiration for a brand identity. If the brand story is clear, then the work requires translating the brand into various media and messages.

It can be difficult—though not impossible—to develop an inspired brand identity without inspired positioning. This is where marketers get a bad name. Indeed, many less than satisfactory brand experiences have been promoted with excellent campaigns. However, the smell of false advertising ultimately will rise as consumers become savvier about brand promises—and more willing to hold brands accountable when their promises are broken.

Customers increasingly look for brands that inspire them. Building a brand that delivers inspiration is hard work. The challenge lies first in determining what the customer values—which may or may not be something that can be reflected directly through a product or service. If it can, the trick becomes determining the best course of action for living up to the promise.

Source: Brand Identity Essentials