April 7, 2012

Digital Brands

Digital Identity in Brand Design

Authors: Kevin Budelmann, Yang Kim, Curt Wozniak

It's been said that half the money in advertising is wasted, but the trick is figuring out which half—a problem online advertisers have endeavored to solve.

Progressive firms will be targeted but aggressive in building digital brands, taking opportunities to experiment with new models, to fail fast, and to stay agile enough to react to changing conditions.

There is clearly fertile ground in the identity elements such as motion, time, and sound. The opportunity for innovation is too large to over-look. In the future, digital brand identities will be less about any specific artifact or brand control, and more about inclusion, affinity, and the entire customer experience envelope.

Identity designers must continue to expand their knowledge and skills to meet the evolving challenges of the digital media landscape.

Source: Brand Identity Essentials