December 3, 2011

Brand Stories

Story in Brand Design

Authors: Kevin Budelmann, Yang Kim, Curt Wozniak

Topics: Branding Identity, Color, Studio Secrets

From religious parables to folk songs to business case studies, stories serve as a primary vehicle for communicating complex ideas in a clear, easily digestible way.

Modern-day brands are promises, and every promise naturally sets a plot in motion: Will the promise be kept or broken? It goes without saying that a brand should keep its promises. They serve as the moral of the brand story—why the "story" was written and what it means to the reader/customer.

Companies with memorable brands not only craft stories that are worth telling, they also live out the morals of their brand stories every day. In today's transparent world, companies are beginning to embrace technology to allow customers and employees to help shape their stories.

Atelier LaDurance and Art the Vote invite the audience to play a role in their brand stories.

Source: Brand Identity Essentials

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