December 17, 2011

Creatives need other creatives, too

Eric Hines, Honest Bros.

Author: Steve Gordon, Jr.

"Do work for artists in different areas of the creative fields and you may create a symbiotic relationship. Most of our work starting out came from an entire identity we did for a photographer. He and his rep landed six or seven jobs for us in the following months after the materials and site were done. We continue to do work for him and we continue to get referrals from him," says Eric Hines of Honest Bros.

Working with other designers and creative professionals isn't always about working on the same project together. The creative may, in fact, be the client. And they can make really good clients, not only because they understand and are sympathetic to the process, but also because their clients may become your clients. Few referrals carry more weight than those from one creative person about another creative person.

Source: 100 habits of successful freelance designers