November 20, 2011

:phunk studio

Alvin Tan, Melvin Chee, Jackson Tan and William Chan

Author: Maia Francisco

Topics: Color, Studio Secrets, Type

Four Malaysian and Chinese artists/designers are the members comprising :phunk, a multidisciplinary studio in Singapore.

This group is one of the most active Asian contemporary art and design collectives and has been classed as "the champion of the Singapore graphic scene," "the hottest agency in Asia," and "iconic heroes of the new wave of young Asian creators." Books such as Tres logos and Graphic Design. A New History feature some of its work. In 2007, it published Universality, a monograph which is a compilation of its most recent work.

This prolific group tends to mix and reinterpret the broadest of influences. In each of their projects they combine elements that find inspiration as much in Chinese folklore and craftwork, cheap Hong Kong novels, Japanese manga and the otaku subculture, as in Western pop culture. Their aim is to reflect their own identity and the multiculturalism of their surroundings. The concept of "universality" in the contemporary global era is a recurring theme throughout theirwork.

The members of :phunk studio approach each project from a multidisciplinary perspective, experimenting with new visual styles. The projects they develop include art exhibitions, graphic and editorial design, music, cinema, and interactive design.

Source: Atlas of Graphic Designers