April 5, 2012

I object defy myself

Selected by Edwin Schlossberg

Author: Steven Heller

I made this in 1964. I was thinking about how wordsboth separate and join people and how reflection is both a description of thinking and an action of rejection. I had started writing poems on aluminum foil because I loved the world that the reading and thinking and the sounds of turning the pages created. Then, I looked across the street and saw a new roof being installed made of heavy copper and I thought, "I object defy myself."

As an object, I defy my being, and as description, I separate myself from my experience. It was too good. I went and made this poem/drawing and it has hung at my desk ever since. It has influenced everything I have designed since then because it was/is so clearly interesting and reassuring. It has appeared in several shows and is always the object that is quoted. I love it.

Source: I Heart Design